Self Sufficient Living Tips And Ideas For Sustainable Communities And Lifestyles

We can all play a part in working towards a greener, better world. Becoming more self sufficient is one of the ways we can make a significant contribution AND save ourselves money at the same time.

Self-sufficiency IS about doing it yourself! Here you’ll find a growing resource of home built power projects, home built solar hot water, wind generators and other DIY projects for more sustainable self-sufficient  living. Even ways to run cars on wood – sustainably!

The new DIY self-sufficiency forum is coming soon. You’ll be able to discuss, and share ideas for home made energy saving devices, creating intentional sustainable communities and generally sharing your self-sufficient living ideas to help others us “save the world”.

Self Sufficient Living: The Big Picture

Looking at the bigger picture, we actively promote intentional community, relocalization and self-sufficient living as the means to a more sustainable economic system, a better way to live and a better world.

We even see the real possibility for "self sustainable" or self-sufficient communities to advance the cause of money reform – our current system is seriously flawed and it’s the primary reason for the trashing of our planet. Indeed, most people are shocked to learn the real truth about money. See Politics, Money and Sustainable Living

Check out Darcy’s blog... If you think our governments have “lost the plot”, that corporate interests are running the world and that there is something really wrong – but you can’t quite put your finger on it - be sure to drop by the blog. Leave a comment, your thoughts are very welcome. Take a look. Here's the latest post:


Nov 13: Recycling for Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

I'm a natural born scrounger. I've always seen opportunity and possibilities in a pile of junk. It's almost an obsession - my only vice  :) Even before recycling became fashionable I was out there sifting through piles of junk while friends tried... More


Become more "self sustainable" and help our planet!